We Bring The Future To Market.

Oracle Bridge Ventures emerged from a select team of blockchain technologists, portfolio managers, and financial specialists.

In order to build professional-grade solutions that would meet the demands of the burgeoning interest from clients, the team invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars in development, systems design, and rigorous portfolio security controls.

At Oracle Bridge Ventures, we see the world where assets are seamlessly integrated with legacy banking; represented in the format of tokens or accessed directly through blockchain technology. There are critical steps financial institutions are now taking to ensure the security of investments in cryptocurrency. We aim to continuously improve our structure to cater for the needs our clients require over both the short and long term.



EquiTech Technologies facilitates compliant development, custody and management of digital assets and security tokens.

Presenting an essential infrastructure layer that will enable regulatory compliant digital assets and security tokens to be effectively integrated and accepted into current markets and financial systems.


Wawllet allows individuals to utilize blockchain technology in partnership with the framework of their active legacy applications.

Wawllet serves as the translation and implementation layer between legacy banking. Wawllet provides a direct and seamless route for handling all of your assets, whether its fiat1, cryptocurrencies or even gold.


Prompt Payment of outstanding invoices is a major liquidity bottleneck for Supply Chain Partners

Blockchain Technology enables reliable trading partners and the recipient to allow companies to make payments quicker.

A constant, long term concentrated group working at the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and capital markets.

With entrepreneurship and technology at the heart of our corporate DNA, our team draws upon a assorted range of experience and abilities that allow us to transform ideas to validated market opportunities, and support ventures through all stages of development and growth, converting to shareholder value.

“At Oracle Bridge, we are convinced digital assets will become a legitimate sustainable asset class of the future’’ With this in mind, we bring together and help organizations achieve a foothold in this 4-th Industrial Revolution.

Message from the CEO

"We're living in an extraordinary time. Fintech is changing the face of global finance. From bitcoin to blockchain, the legacy banking goliaths are gearing up to the challenges and opportunities of the new wave of digital technology. The block chain innovation is touching practically every industry, from logistics to energy, commodities trading and transport.

The expected innovation trigger is the hype and speculation that is followed by advancement in technology, adoption, regulation and a framework for sustainable growth -setting the stage for remarkable market opportunities.

New technologies of consequence do not make their way to market overnight. Oracle Bridge seeks to leverage our platforms, commercialize models and resources to delivering significant projects, platforms and companies to market. As such, many offline tests have already begun for a new type of digital asset, called security tokens, with five major banks rolling this out in Q3 of 2019. These digital representations of company equity promise to be simpler and more cost effective to issue than traditional securities. This opens the field for smaller firms to raise capital through listing publicly on exchanges world-wid.

The Oracle Bridge model is both a bridge and a destination for the blockchain platform and internet of things.